New Control Layout!!

Hey there sports fans! In the wake of the Super Bowl, MegaFan Sports has launched an all new control panel experience for its Paper Insert MegaFold Customizer!  Let’s take a brief walk-through the new controls!  (Or if you’re more the video watching type, check out a video demonstration here!)


Controls Walkthrough (complete with screenshots!)

The top 4 buttons remain the same, letting you access Help, Information, Examples, and Instructions for using the customizer.

The first section has gotten a bit of a facelift but still functions the same as before.  Dropdown boxes on the right let you choose your sport, layout, and background for your MegaFold.



The Image Controls have experienced the greatest overhaul.  All the image controls from the old customizer have been collapsed into a single control, and you select which image you want to edit by selecting it from the dropdown menu on the left.  Once the image is loaded to the customizer, use the arrow buttons to position it, the + and – buttons to resize it, and the clockwise/counter-clockwise buttons to rotate it.  When you’re ready for the next image, select it in the dropdown and repeat!  Toggle the background on and off as before with the Background Off button to push the pictures behind the template.



Next choose your picture border color from the colorpicker.



The text controls have also undergone some moderate changes.  Each line of text has been broken up into two separate controls to give you complete control over the style of each line.  Neat huh? Just use the dropdowns to select your font, the colorpicker to choose a color, and click Update.  Then once you’ve picked a style for your text position it by dragging it with the mouse.  Rotate and resize your text by using the buttons the same way as in the image controls.



Choose your FREE lanyard color from the selection box in this section



Finally select the Quantity of MegaFolds that you want and submit your order to the shopping cart.  Beware, once you submit your order the the cart it can’t be changed, so don’t forget to double check your work!



Once it’s submitted to the shopping cart you’ll get a nice big preview window to check out your awesome MegaFold one last time before you check out.  And those are the new Paper Insert MegaFold Customizer Controls.  Pretty cool right?  We think so too.  So get to it MegaFans!  Log on, customize your MegaFolds, and show us what kind of MegaFans you can be!

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