MegaFold – Patent # 8,191,673

The MegaFold- the first lay-flat Megaphone. This lightweight item hangs from your neck using one of our lanyards or yours. This allows for free use of either hand until you need to “Shout it out” using the MegaFold. This item is 8.5” tall and about that wide at the largest part of the “bell” shape. This unique design allow for tremendous use of decoration for your school mascot, a sponsor or an affiliation from the business community where one or both logos can be used. For those of you in the warmer climates, the MegaFold makes a great hand fan (at no extra cost to you). MegaFold comes in 11 colors, White and Clear. Lanyards come in 12 colors of 36” length. See your pricing sheet for color selection. Screen Print: Almost 100% coverage is available and where time allows, custom colors are available (quote basis only). Decal: Apply a Full color decal with coverage of approximately 30 square inches per side. We can also supply your school with additional decals for other uses for the school 14pt Board Stock: MegaFold can be printed 4color process 100% coverage, Choose from 12 different colored plastic string lace lanyards. 10,000 piece minimum, perfect for a sports program insert.

Face Paint Stencil Kit – Patent Pending

MegaFan Sports, LLC offers you the first Business Card size- Sports face stencil kit. Comprised of a custom printed Sponsor card, the 2” Stencil of your choosing, two paint colors and an applicator sponge. Send us your school mascot, team name, team cheer,and well make you a custom stencil we’ll package this in a Business Card size kit, complete with your Stencil, the Two custom colors for your school, a sponge applicator and even room for a sponsor name included. The Kit, with the custom stencil approximately 2” in length, will paint two full faces or up to 30 cheeks. Choose from approximately 40 color combinations of paint for the kit and your ready to “Go Team”. Optional to add an additional stencil at a nominal cost, to provide two distinct messages on either cheek.

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