The Face Paint Stencil Kit

Last time we went over our Paper Insert MegaFold in detail and discussed just how customizable and fun it can be.  Now let’s take a look at our second most customizable product: The Face Paint Stencil Kit.  The kit comes with 1-2 stencils, 2 paints, and an application sponge.  And believe it when we tell you that every one of those items is completely customizable (except the sponge).

First the stencils.  You can send us virtually any image or logo and we’ll turn it into a stencil cut out.  In addition, you can choose from a variety of fonts to add some more character to your design.  If you don’t have enough room to fit everything on one stencil, don’t worry!  With a single click you can add a second stencil to your order and have twice the designing space for twice the fun!

Now, what’s a stencil without the paint to use it with?  MegaFan offers 600 possible color pairs to match almost any team’s palette!  Some paints are even available in sparkle variations.  Shiny!

Even the package itself can be customized for you.  For team sponsors that want to get their name out there, or for people who just want to go that extra step for team spirit, we can insert a custom label card just above the stencil to get your message out or even etch the edge of the stencil itself.  Either way, they’ll see what you’re saying.

With all these options, we’re dying to see what you come up with.  Go to the products page on our site, click on the FacePaint Stencil and start designing today!  If we like it, we may even feature it here!

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